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Kneading Blocks

Kneading elements form an important functional part of the co-rotating twin screw extruder. The melting process is generally carried out in the kneading block. Standard kneading blocks are characterized by the length, number of discs and the offset angle between the discs.

In zones where there should be greater distribution, kneading blocks with narrow discs are used. Here too, the modular system offers virtually unlimited possibilities for process design.

Sahyog Industries has established so-called shoulder kneading blocks. This means that the material is handled with greater care and in particular more evenly.

For the melting zone of modern high-performance extruders, the use of "eccentric" kneading blocks1 has proven successful. As only double-flight elements can be used symmetrically in deep cut machines, a triple-flight profile has been devised, which is positioned eccentrically. There is a tri-lobe kneading block with favourable feed angles, a low flight depth and full self-cleaning.

An alternative is the tri-lobe kneading blocks by us. Triple-flight profiles can be produced with various defined gaps, shearing areas and increased wear protection.

The barrier kneading block is generally designed with a feed characteristic. The integrated barrier increases the degree of filling without subjecting the material to excessively high shearing forces. This furthermore improves mixing and especially dispersive mixing of the element.

The kneading screw comprises large-pitch feed segments that are offset from one another. This results in an even kneading effect combined with self-cleaning and feed. This element can also be used in conjunction with a barrier.